Volozhin Local Lore Museum

The museum was founded in 2000. It has been open for visitors since February 2010. The main museum mission is to collect, to store and to popularize the objects of museum significance, which presents the history of Volozhin. There are three themes in the museum work: iron production, nature and ecology, and people and events. The task of the first theme is to show a long way of metallurgy history in consecutive order, its development, formation, importance for the district and Belarus, in general. There is a unique monument of nature on the territory of the district - the Nalibokskaya Pushcha (wild forest), which has survived within its medieval borders. The main task for the museum is to make contribution to the conservation of the ancient nature monument. The third part of the exposition is devoted to the most meaningful events and people of the Volozhin District. The total number of the museum items is 5,612 (2012). The most significant collections are "Blacksmith's craft", "Clothing, footwear, weaving". The unique objects are the glass from the Naliboki manufacture (the 18th century), coins (the 9th century), and scales (the 19th century). There is a developed program "My region's name is Belarus" for the children of elementary and secondary school. Five excursion routes are developed by the museum personnel, which embrace the whole territory of the district.
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